Carmody at Omeara

I’d already heard a great deal about Omeara as a venue from friends who had previously attended gigs there. I was told it was “like seeing a gig in the ruins of the Titanic,” so you can imagine my excitement at seeing one of my favourite writers of love songs perform in the setting of one of the greatest ever love stories. I had high hopes that the gig wouldn’t end quite so tragically.

On support duties for the evening was Ama Lou who combined infectious raspy vocals and impeccable fashion sense with weighty electronic beats. Stand out tracks were her 2016 single ‘Not Always’ and her latest release ‘Lost My Home.’ We’re excited to see a lot more from her in the future.

After a short interval the much anticipated Carmody took to the stage and opened up with an unexpected yet stunning acapella performance of of a Tom Waits song. “I thought if I started with something about death then the only way is up,” she joked.

Donning a sparkling gold dress and with the bold Omeara decor framing her centre stage like an extremely rare painting, she looked like a complete star.

Old favourites such as ‘For Desire’ and ‘Two Spoons’ had the crowd singing along and swaying from side to side, however it was the forthcoming ‘Like That’ and recent release ‘Before You Knew Me’ that really set the crowd alight. Carmody’s remarkable vocals ripped through the room and with every shriek or cheer from the crowd an endearing smile would crack through her lips as if it was all still sinking in. We were also treated to the forthcoming delicate ballad 'The Ways of Your Love' which had the crowd in complete silence as they soaked up every last lyric.

Off the back of his stunning Antiphon release, the talented Alfa Mist joined Carmody on stage for a mesmerising performance of ‘Dreams,’ a record about wishing your partner could take you with them as they fall asleep.

Carmody then finished up with arguably her biggest hit to date, “Skin” which she switched up and led into a belting cover of ‘Dont let go’ by En Vogue much to the delight of the crowd.

The lights went down and Carmody and the rest of the band made their way off stage, but the crowd weren’t ready to leave yet and not a single person headed for the exit. Their patience and cheers were soon rewarded as Carmody made her way back on stage for one last song. “We hadn’t really planned for this,” she said bashfully as she introduced one of her older tracks about the lack of stars you see in London.

This may be the case, but we had all just witnessed one shining very brightly.

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