Carmody at Bussey Building

With this being our third review of a Carmody live show within the space of 9 months you could be forgiven for labelling us as needy mega fans. However her latest show at Peckham’s Bussey Building was concrete proof that she is simply just too good to miss.

On support duties for the evening were Kawala who seriously impressed with their soulful folk harmonies and Mollie Macpherson who captivated the room with a mixture of witty and timely spoken word poems.

After a quick red stripe break Carmody took to the stage and immediately warmed the crowd up with favourites such as ‘Desire’ and ‘Like That’ before moving on to a both surprise and delight the crowd with a cover of ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac.

Next we were treated to her forthcoming single ‘Ways Of Your Love’, a romantic ballad riddled with nostalgia which, in her own words, “You can take as a happy or sad song.” For us it was most certainly a happy song, bubbling with old soul and conjuring up black and white imagery of fondly pawing through old photographs.

‘Before You Knew Me’ was another highlight of the set, and admittedly our favourite Carmody track to date, combining smart lyricism with a subby bob-friendly beat and plenty of opportunities for her powerful vocals to rip through the packed out venue.

Anyone who had seen Carmody live before would have been eagerly anticipating her ‘Skin’ switch up into ‘What’s It Gonna Be’ by En Vogue and we’ve got no doubt that the novelty of it will never wear off. Leaving the stage to a thoroughly deserved raucous applause, fans stood cemented to the spot determined to hear more from the humble star.

No one was left disappointed as she and the band arrived back on stage to perform a track that in Carmody’s words “was born from a conversation about what it would be like if all women objectified men.” Describing it as the start of her turning a new leaf, she launched into a dancy feel good affair packed full of synths and a signature catchy Carmody vocal hook.

It was a great way to round off the evening and a tantalising glimpse of what's to come from Carmody.

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