Franc Moody at Oslo

On a snow-covered Wednesday night in Hackney, you’d assume most Londoners would be tucked up in bed from the cold. You’d probably be right. But for the lucky crowd at Oslo, a flurry of cosmic funk and disco was more than enough to keep them warm and lively.

Franc Moody’s presence is pretty special; the pair of frontmen take centre stage dressed in matching red suits, supported by a three further musicians. Together their arsenal includes two synths, two guitars, bass, drums...oh, and an oboe.

Opening with unreleased track ‘You Got Some Nerve’, the room was thrown into fill swing. As they tore into their set, we were hit with a fusion of glittery synths, wicked guitar licks and more basslines than we could handle - this was stank face central.

The group showcased their brand of infectiously raw funk across tracks old and new, from the dark and chuggy ‘Super Star Struck’ to the sparkly and energetic ‘In Too Deep’ (featuring the silky smooth vocals of Joe Hertz-collaborator Pip Millett). If that wasn’t enough, bassline of the century has to be awarded to the intro of their celebrated hit ‘Dopamine’.

Closing with early winner ‘Yuri’ and our mid-week dancing batteries fully drained, it’s fair to say we were pretty satisfied. If these rising stars can sell out Oslo on a freezing night in February, who knows what’s next. Stay tuned.

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