Franc Moody at Village Underground

It’s always a pleasure to see one of our favourite acts play one of our favourite venues. And last week that pleasure was owed to North Londoners Franc Moody, completing the London leg of their UK tour to a sold-out Village Underground crowd.

Since we saw them last, the group have added a sixth band member: Amber-Simone on percussion/vocals. It’s a welcome addition that plays to exactly what we love most about Franc Moody - their full flowing, vibrant presence on stage.

Frontmen Ned Franc and Jon Moody stand tall in front of the crowd, each dressed in iconically zany outfits. The look suits the band’s cosmic sound that blends the charm of artists like Jamiroquai and Chic with the experimentation of Funkadelic pioneer George Clinton.

The pair command the room in style as the group opens with early hit ‘Yuri’. And immediately, their mandate is clear - the music dance-worthy, and that’s exactly how they want you to enjoy it.

Tearing into crowd-pleasers from their latest Dance Moves EP, we’re treated to bright and sparkly hits like ‘Pheromones’ and ‘Hypnotised’, as well as their darker and chuggy side in ‘Super Star Struck’. The performance brims with glistening synths, hefty basslines and punchy vocals.

The band have a plethora of instruments on stage including synths, a keytar, an oboe and more. It’s during the anthemic mid-show interlude that Jon brandishes the oboe, drawing the crowd slowly into a theatrical rendition of latest single ‘Night Flight’.

With the room in full swing, the group close with their headline singles. The iconic low-slung bassline of ‘Dopamine’ and Bondax-approved melody of ‘Dance Moves’ give the excitable audience what they want.

Closing with an encore of ‘You Got Some Nerve’, it’s clear Franc Moody have managed to create a sound that many strive for - maintaining the fluidity of a jam session while retaining the tight production needed to keep a six-piece in check.

This is inclusive, high octane fun, and we love it.

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