[INTERVIEW] Soul Speak #13: Tertia May

There have been few debuts in 2018 that have impressed us as much as London's Tertia May. Her EP 'Kind Of Purple' dropped last week and it's a gorgeous cocktail of smoky vocals, jazzy undertones and forward thinking production. We had the opportunity to catch up with Tertia and pick her brains about her creative process, changes in the industry and collaborations with Kaytranada.

SS: Hey Tertia! Thanks so much for agreeing to have a chat with us. How’s 2018 treating you so far?

TM: 2018 so far has been crazy. I feel extremely blessed as things have just excelled musically, so I’m excited for the rest of the year.

SS: How did you first get into music and what’s your journey been like up to this point?

TM: I’ve always been super passionate about music. Especially jazz and soul music. When I was growing up, music was always played in the house so I think I just learnt to lean on music and singing with everything that I did. It’s my outlet.

SS: Congratulations on the new EP, we absolutely love all the live instrumentation that runs through it. Tell us a bit about 'Monsters In Your Bedroom'.

TM: The track is about the struggles that my father was and is going through as an older male who has a family to look after. But it’s also a love song I suppose, to give something back to him for all the amazing things he has done for me.

SS: Tell us a bit about your creative process when you’re writing a new music.

TM: I write lyrics constantly. My notes section on my phone is filled with random stories and poems. But when it comes to making a new track, I like to write fresh lyrics and melody’s. I prefer to have some sort of chord sequence down and simple drum beat, then I vibe off that.

SS: When you’re not writing music, what artists can you often be found listening to?

TM: A lot of Neo soul and new wave jazz artists. I do really love Jill Scott and she will always be my number one but I’m also a big fan of whacking on a bit of Chet Baker when I’m walking somewhere. His music calms me.

SS: Have you got any new music or gigs in the pipeline that you can tell us about?

TM: Yes! I’m performing quite a bit over summer but the one I’m most excited about is supporting Jon B at jazz cafe 16th and 17th August. In terms of new music, a second EP is on the table.

SS: If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?

TM: The gender pay gap, regardless of what industry I worked in.

SS: If you could collaborate with one artist at the moment, who would it be?

TM: Probably Kaytranada. I've always wanted to collaborate with him.

SS: Lastly, if aliens came to this planet and asked you what music was, what song would you play them?

TM: Hmmmmm, probably would have to play them a Micheal Jackson song. Probably from his album thriller. Just because it’s one of my most favourite albums ever and Michael Jackson is a total legend

SS: Thanks so much Tertia, it's been an absolute pleasure.

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