[INTERVIEW] Soul Speak #6: Chita

We're always on the lookout for exciting new neo-soul artists and when we stumbled across 'Take It Slow' by Chita we instantly fell in love. As luck would have it she had a gig in London at The Finsbury just around the corner. We caught up with her after the show to talk pre gig routines, music influences and life in London.

SS: First of all, congratulations on the show! How did you enjoy it?

C: Thank you! It was the first time I played a gig after a long trip to Argentina. I did enjoy it, but I was a bit nervous I have to admit! When there’s a wide gap in between shows I feel like I’m a bit rusty at the beginning. But I definitely enjoyed myself.

SS: That’s understandable. So do you have any sort of routine that helps you prepare for a live show?

C: Haha yes, I stop talking one hour before going on stage. My friends mock me because I suddenly stop talking to them when we’re chilling before the show. I feel that it’s a good way to not force the vocal chords before the show. Mainly in pubs where it’s always very noisy.

SS: We particularly enjoyed your track ‘algo mas’ which you sing in Spanish. What was the inspiration for this track and is this something you’d look to do more of in the future?

C: “algo mas” is the first song I write in spanish. The translation is something else/something more and it talks about liking the essence of someone and how that mystic feeling makes you fall in love, regardless of their physical appearance. Spanish is my first language, I definitely want to write more songs in Spanish. Right now I'm working on a couple of songs, and actually one of my purposes is to write songs both in english and Spanish. I think both languages have their magic, but I feel more comfortable writing in English when it comes to R&B/soulish songs.

SS: You grew up in Buenos Aires, tell us a bit about how that shaped both your taste in music and your sound as a musician.

C: My father plays the saxophone, so naturally I grew up listening to a lot of Jazz music. It might seem odd but to be honest, I didn’t grow up listening to artists from my country, because I have always been very fond of Soul music and there aren’t many latin american artists in this genre, not in the style that I like. When I was around 15 years old I got into this Argentinian artist called Spinetta, he’s amazing and it was the first Argentinian artist with whom I related to.

SS: And how has living in London influenced you?

C: Living in London has influenced me in many different ways, it’s definitely made me grow up in some ways and it also was the best thing that could happen to me as a musician. I actually started to write all these songs one year and a half ago, when I first moved in here. I also met a lot of people, many of them are very talented musicians and helped me out through my first gigs. It’s been amazing really! I’ve learned a lot.

SS: We recently had a conversation with a music fan who described Neo-Soul fans as a rare breed. What do you make of this?

C: I would like to hear more about that statement before giving my opinion, I’m not sure what she/he means with that, but I think nowadays there’s a growing interest for Neo-Soul and R&B. With technology and social media there’s hardly anything that’s not known by everyone, there’s always information going around and these genres are more popular than ever. But that’s my opinion, and opinions are never objective.

SS: Your keyboard player is a natural showman, where did you and the rest of your band members meet?

C: He is! His name is Herty, he’s an amazing person and an incredibly talented musician. I met all of them in college, I did a course last year in a music college and I met many musicians! That was a good way to begin a life in London, I didn’t know anyone when I came here.

SS: Who are you currently enjoying listening to?

C: Right now I’m mixing new artists with “old” artists. I have Daniel Caesar’s new album on repeat since a couple of weeks ago and another favourite is BADBADNOTGOOD’s IV. I’m also listening to Erykah Badu and D’Angelo, but I’m always listening to them. Also, there’s a song called “Persiguiendonos” by C. Tangana, a Reggeaton artist whom I like very much. A bit of Reggae ton is always good.

SS: If you had to pick one song that was triggered to play every time you walked in the front door what would it be?

C: Smile More by Syd. Such a good song, it’s so sexy.

SS: What does the future hold for Chita?

C: I’ll be gigging until December around London and in New York and on December I’ll record my upcoming album!

SS:Thanks so much for speaking with us! We hope our readers enjoy as much as we did!

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