[INTERVIEW] Soul Speak #8: Jerome Thomas

Off the back of his sold out headline Camden Assembly show and his recent release with Warren Xclnce, we caught up with Jerome Thomas, one of London's most exciting soul artists.

SS: Hey Jerome, thanks so much for agreeing to have a chat with us. Firstly, congratulations on your recent sold out headline show at Camden Assembly. How was it for you?

JT: Cheers! I always feel like I could do better but I had fun and the vibe was really nice, and people were singing my words back to me, which was epic within itself, very humbling moment

SS: We knew your vocals were going to be amazing but we were really blown away by your stage presence too. Does that come naturally to you or is it something you’ve worked on?

JT: its definitely a natural thing, I’m not entirely aware of myself on stage, I feel like it’s a combination of things, I’ve been gigging all my life really, It helps having my band to bounce vibe off, and I love the hell out of what I do.

SS: And how tall are you exactly if you don’t mind us asking?

JT: Haha last time I checked I was 6’4, that was 5 years ago though and my old jeans don’t fit the same.

SS: There’s a real contrast in the sound of your tracks from your live shows and your recorded tracks. Has that always been the case and if so is that very much a deliberate move?

JT: Yeah, I like to play live renditions of my songs. Thats the whole point, in the studio, it’s like giving birth (Not figuratively) and the stage is where the music comes alive for me..

SS: We’re in love with your ‘Deja Vu’ track with Pablo Queu, what was the creative process like between the two of you?

JT: I actually didn’t meet Pablo until after the tune was recorded. So it was all gmail and WhatsApp. He was really cool to work with, he pushes for the best and he crazy talented.

SS: You've also just released a record with Warren Xclnce who we're a big fan of. How did that collab come around and how would you describe the sound of the release?

JT: I did a show and met his manager at the time, this was about 2 years ago, I’d been a fan of his from before so i was gassed to work with him, the guys a genius. It's double release, side A is a soul track with jazzy tones and the B side is more of a future R&B kinda vibe.

SS: And have you got any other projects in the pipeline that you’re able to speak about?

JT: 2018 has a lot of music in store, got something coming early new year so keep an ear out for that. I’ve Been working with Maxwell Owin and Joe Armon-Jones, Pablo and of course Talos for the next ep, but I’m still in the writing process.

SS: Who would you describe to be some of your biggest influences to date?

JT: My father, d’angelo, my grandfather Marvin Gaye and my distant cousin Amy winehouse lool, that’s never gonna change. But aside from them, j Cole, Kendrick, and jazmine Sullivan

SS: And last but by no means least, if you could have one song be triggered to play every time you walk in your front door what would it be?

JT: Ha!! Sugar daddy! Bam, bam, bam, bam, bam..

SS:Thanks so much for speaking with us! We hope our readers enjoy this as much as we did!

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