Jordan Rakei Album Party Launch at The Curtain Club

Jordan Rakei is on a mission to have completed 5 albums by the time that he’s 30.

Now on face value you could say that an artist should be focusing on quality rather than quantity, however after taking just one listen to the rich soundscapes from Rakei’s first album ‘Cloak’, you would soon realise that this certainly isn’t someone that is rushing their craft.

So just over a year on from ‘Cloak’ it’s now time for album number two and we were fortunate enough to head down to the Curtain Club in Shoreditch for an exclusive preview of what 'Wallflower' is going to sound like.

Fans of Rakei's former album will be pleased to hear that many of the elements that made 'Cloak' so great are very much alive and kicking in his new material. Off-kilter time signatures, dark synths, beautiful jazz chords and psychedelic grooves all featured heavily in the forthcoming tracks that we were treated to, however it's the lyrical content of 'Wallflower' that could set it apart from his previous work. The subject matter of the album appears to be very personal, with themes such as social anxiety and a friend battling addiction being explored across the record.

It's a testament to Rakei's ability as both a producer and a songwriter that he can challenge you as a listener whilst maintaining crucial elements of accessibility in his music. Whether it's the unmistakable drums of 'Sorceress' or the moving lyrics of 'Nerve', such tracks were met with the sort of reaction that would indicate they were timeless classics of Rakei's rather than fresh new album releases.

It was an extremely exciting glimpse of what is sure to be another highly acclaimed album and real treat to witness an artist destined for arenas in such an intimate setting. Wallflower will be released via Ninja Tune records on September 22nd 2017.

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