Joyce Wrice at The Jazz Cafe

As music lovers, getting to see one of your favorite artists perform live once in a calendar year is often all you can ask for. So when that same artist winds up doing two shows in the same year you really count your blessings.

As was the case with Los Angeles based soulstress Joyce Wrice. After her first collaborative show via Cozy Mag in January, the anticipation leading into her very first headline show at London’s infamous Jazz Cafe was more than palpable.

Such anticipation was evident in the exuberant crowd throughout the night and Joyce made the most of this, engaging with them throughout her set to highlight the sparkling personality behind her remarkable vocals.

Running through tracks from her 2016 stand out EP ‘Stay Around’, as well as performing her most recent singles ‘Rocket Science’ & ‘Good Morning’, Joyce’s effortlessly smooth vocals laced over her spin on classic 90s RnB created a performance that was everything we hoped for and more.

The night affirmed and illustrated why Joyce Wrice is one of the most well received artists flying the new wave flag of R&B at the moment. We will wait with huge anticipation and intrigue to see what her next move is.

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