Moonchild at the Jazz Cafe

At 9.15pm on Thursday 12th October, Moonchild took to the stage at the Camden Jazz Café to perform their debut London show.

This has been long awaited; Moonchild have been creating beautiful sound-waves for years now, with 3 dazzling albums to show for it, only to now finally make the long trip here from their base in LA. Naturally the venue was ram-packed and buzzing with anticipation.

Moonchild has an unusual set up for a band. Instead of having a bass guitar player or even a lead guitar, the band boasts not one but two keyboards. Andris Mattson takes up most of the bass on his keyboard, whilst Max Bryk permeates the air with rich chords from the other spot on the keys. Then, you get to hear Amber Navran. Her voice is irresistible, airy to such an extent that it floats above the often punchy rhythms and harmonies below. Together, their sound is brilliant, varied and vibrant, groovy and soulful.

However, their live shows often take up an added element. During the performance, the three members of the band often abandoned their primary tools, each taking up different wind instruments at various points. Andris would pick up his trumpet, Max his clarinet or alto saxophone, and Amber either her flute or tenor saxophone. On each occasion, this would give a new, organic flavour to the song. Furthermore, when either two or three of the band combined their horns together, the sequences they created were simply breathtaking. As a result, the atmosphere was frankly surreal; everybody was left floored and many were unable to contain their delight as Moonchild weaved their profound magic.

Touring their latest album “Voyager”, Moonchild were quite simply out of this world. If you get the chance to see them live, don't hesitate.

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