Oscar Jerome at Village Underground

The first time we saw Oscar Jerome live we were huddled in the intimate confines of the Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston, fast forward just 10 months and he's performing to a packed out crowd at Shoreditch's 700 capacity Village Underground.

"Wow there's quite a lot of you here," he comments nonchalantly before opening up his set with psychedelic slow burner 'Two Sides' which immediately shows off the capabilities of Village Underground's sound system.

Switching up the tempo with 'Subdued' we get our first taste of Oscar Jerome's blistering guitar solos that somehow manage to blur the lines between shredding and noodling. Musicality of the highest order is a theme throughout the set, with mind boggling sax solos featuring heavily as well as a guest appearance from Kokoroko's Richie SeivWright on trombone for the brass-heavy feel good anthem 'Smile On A Screen'.

Amongst a set bursting at the seams with both influence and originality, Oscar Jerome's versatility as an artist is impossible to ignore as he transitions from a stripped back solo cover of Bankie Banx's 'Pour It All Out' to a forthcoming dance-friendly funk affair that has the whole crowd moving. Other highlights include the mind boggling guitar work in "Where Are Your Branches' and a scintillating finale with the track that arguably put him on the map, 'Give Back What You Stole From Me'.

It's always a treat when our favourite artists are housed in our favourite venues and this was no exception. If you were snoozing and missed this, we urge you make it to one of his forthcoming tour dates.

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