Oscar Jerome at Servant Jazz Quarters

Having been blown away by Oscar Jerome earlier on this year at Peckham Rye Music Festival, we were extremely excited to see him perform in the more intimate confines of Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston.

Working his way through a set comprising of material both old, new and covered, Oscar and his band dazzled a sold out crowd with an exhilarating set that meshed together sounds of jazz, soul, ska and blues.

Highlights included a moving acoustic cover of ‘The Death of JB Lenoir’ by John Mayal and a blistering performance of his latest release ‘Subdued’.

He also impressed with a forthcoming statement release titled ‘Where Are Your Branches, Where Is Your Fruit’ that was born from a conversation in which Giles Peterson admitted to not realising Oscar was a guitarist. ‘That’s enough of my self indulgence,’ Oscar joked after catching his breath from a guitar solo that was so good it was difficult to comprehend.

If you haven't had the pleasure of seeing him live yet, his next show is at The Montague Arms in Peckham and you can grab tickets here.

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