Sounds that Shaped . . . Tiana Major9

In our latest instalment of ‘Sounds that Shaped’, we welcome rising star Tiana Major9 ahead of her Jazz Cafe performance this Wednesday.

After exploding onto the scene with her debut release 'Merry Go', Tiana has already garnered an impressive following of listeners who, like us, can't get enough of her feel good blend of jazz and R&B. Here are 5 tracks that have shaped her along her musical journey.

1) Michael Jackson - I Can't Help It
An absolute gem. Michael's vocal is so smooth and the lyrics feel so personal, almost as if I'm eavesdropping in conversation between him and his boo lol. This song has influenced my use of dynamics when performing and overall vocal control.

2) Lauryn Hill - Adam Lives In Theory
I value honesty a lot which is why I adore the MTV Unplugged album, however this song in particular spoke to me the very first time I listened to it. The lyrics are very relatable, even today, but the special thing about this song is that even if you can't personally identify with the characters she describes, you'll want to. Very detailed. I love it.

3) Esperanza Spalding - I Know You Know
I love playful lyrics and playful melody lines as I love to dance... I can tell this song was fun to write. Also, all of my demos somehow end up Bossa Nova, so yeaaaa maybe its Esparanza in my subconscious?

4) Jasmine Sullivan - Let It Burn
This song is so sweet and carefully written. I love songs that allow me to embrace the fun side to love (lol).

5) D'Angelo - Sugar Daddy
It feels very unrestricted - free yet technical. This song inspires me to always write whatever I feel and to never compromise.

Listen to Tiana Major9's latest single 'Levee (Let it Break)' below.

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