Sounds that Shaped . . . Abhi the Nomad

In our latest instalment of ‘Sounds that Shaped’, we welcome Abhi the Nomad. As one of our favourite rapper/producers, his layering of effortless vocals atop crisp, boom-bap beats and innovative, indie melodies never fails to impress.

Currently based in the US but having lived far and wide across the world, it’s no surprise his sound continues to bend genres in truly unexpected ways. And that’s also what makes it all the more special to hear about the songs that inspired him to make his own music - over to Abhi.

1) Beck - Hotwax
Beck is just an insane person with many, many talents. This entire album has a rough, scrappy janky ass aesthetic to it that makes the songs so much more beautiful.

2) Arctic Monkeys - The View From the Afternoon
My god, this band is good. Such an explosive, powerful track - this songs about over-anticipating an evening out on the town, a feeling I share quite often.

3) Shakey Graves - House of Winston
This one legitimately makes me fall in love with anything I'm nearby while I'm hearing it. Smooth, soulful and awfully delicate.

4) Mos Def - Ms. Fat Booty
How do you get SO hyphy through storytelling? Mos is a true genius.

5) Kendrick Lamar - Ignorance is Bliss
Love this one, the beat is so trippy and yet he stays on topic, on tempo and the flow is still crazy.

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