Sounds that Shaped . . . James Chatburn

In our latest instalment of ‘Sounds that Shaped’, we welcome Sydney born and now Berlin based singer, instrumentalist and producer James Chatburn ahead of hisFour Letter Word Weekend Festival appearance next month.

Having featured on Soulection's 'Promise Once More' compilation last year with his stunning track 'Omen' as well as collaborating in the past with fellow Australian Jordan Rakei on their track 'Holiday Love', 2018 is sure to be another exciting year for the rising star.

1) Lianne La Havas – Final Form
I remember hearing Lianne La Havas for the first time and instantly becoming inspired by her voice, blown away, it instantly made me want to sing all of the time. This was the only effect, until I gave her ‘Lost & Found’ EP a proper listen, and the production and the songwriting really caught me, everything seemed to come together perfectly between the lyrics, the performance, the production and the entire soundscape. I love ‘Final Form’ as it is so dark and beautiful and the melodies really give you that kick in the gut and builds what feels like a low pressure system at the back of your eyelids, Agh!! batten down the hatches …

2) Corinne Bailey Rae – Are You Here
The entire ‘The Sea’ is beautiful, I was a fan of her debut album prior, although what was special about this album was, that this was the first time I had heard the combination of Indie and Soul Music in this manner. It really had a big impact on me, I remember calling a friend who had a big collection of Brit-pop and Indie rock music and asking him to educate me. In effect this album opened me up to a whole new world of music which had not been a part of my musical experience so far.

3) Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling in Love
I don’t know what it is, perhaps the nostalgia of hearing this song from a young age although this song hits me every time! The melody, the unrequited romance aghh.!

4) Ben Harper – Morning Yearning
This guy was a big influence on me in Highschool, I would bust out ‘Steal My Kisses’ and many other of his ‘Classics’ live, a few times a month with my then band. I gave his music a lot of ear time, although something about the string arrangement in this song, especially in the bridge section that climax sends tingles down my spine. Also the fragility, rawness yet power that he can attain with his voicehas always inspired me.

5) D’angelo – Send it on
To be honest the first time I heard the album ‘Voodoo’ by D’angelo I wasn’t completely convinced, the sound was so strange and foreign to my ears at the time, I hadn’t heard anything like it. I can’t pin point the exact time when it happened although must have been a year or 2 after initially hearing it, the music transformed into something completely different to me, at this point the more I heard the music the more it resonated within my soul it seemed, I must have listened through the album hundreds of times. Send it on is how I imagine Euphoria to sound.

You'll be able to catch James Chatburn performing at the Four Letter Word weekend on Sunday 18th February alongside the likes of Mali Hayes, Yazz Ahmed and many more. Grab your tickets here.

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