Track of the Week: Boadi – ‘The Feeling’

This week we bring you some new music that comes right from our home. London-based producer Boadi has just dropped a fresh project entitled ‘Awomaa’, and it’s pretty damn good.

Our pick of the lot is the funk-fuelled tune, ‘The Feeling’. It’s a masterclass in all things soulful and combines experimental structure and instrumentation with a silky smooth groove.

Boadi’s glorious voice is something to be admired as it flows beautifully over the heavy-step bassline littered with flashes of brass and synth. But this is a song of two halves, and two minutes in we’re hit by a bassline packed with more stank-face punch than we can take. Whack up that volume and let it take you away.

The beauty of this track plays testament to what comes from collaboration. Written by Boadi himself, the production and sax come from East-London producer Aaron London and Seb G respectively.

And when you’re done with that, you can get tucked into his previous release ‘[Bwer-Dee]’ for more groove-filled goodness.

Although, to focus on one song from the EP almost feels like a sin. The record as a whole gives you everything, from smooth soul to zany jazz and skatty swing. This six track wonder is worth a good sit-down listen, watch out especially for ‘Only You’, ‘Grow’ and title-track ‘Awomaa’.

With a voice like his, you have to wonder if his live performances will live up to the studio. Luckily, we did some digging and this video gives us just the indication we needed to quell any hesitation. We can’t wait to watch this guy blow up.

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