Track of the Week: Jinsang – ‘Summers Day v2’

This week's track comes from California-based producer Jinsang. Over the last few years he's established a reputable following for creating jazz-based hip-hop instrumentals. We first saw this track as it was reuploaded here. In fact it was first released two years ago on Jinsang’s own page but we considered it too good not to share.

The track is a rework of the famous animé song 'One Summer's Day'. The original tune is one of classical beauty, written by the renowned composer Joe Hisaishi for the multi-award winning film 'Spirited Away'. The film's success made it a hallmark production of the entire Studio Ghibli collection.

What does all this mean for the track? Well, if you are a Studio Ghibli fan, and also like your hip-hop then you've hit the proverbial jackpot.

Jinsang brings us some serious Nujabes feels as he adds some small piano edits, a drum-backing and a subtle bassline to add some groove to this masterful melody.

What would we like to see? Can someone rap some vocals that reflect the film's storyline so we can freak out the same way Deadmau5 did when Chris James did it for 'The Veldt'? Thanks.

If you're enjoying this, then dive into the album Jinsang released at the end of last year entitled ‘Life’.

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