Track of the Week: Magnus Klausen – ‘KLAUS1’ (feat. Shir Sol)

Disclaimer: we’d like to warn you the following track’s bassline is an absolute face-scruncher. Please proceed with caution.

Jheze, this track is a winner. Delivered by Norwegian producer Magnus Klausen, it begins with beautifully layered, velvety smooth guitar licks interwoven with the crisp sounds of Shir Sol on sax. The melody drifts along like a nighttime walk, until shortly after two minutes. Then you get hit by nothing short of a full on ‘OH HELL NAH’ moment. A seriously tidy bassline kicks in alongside Klausen letting loose on the guitar, and my goodness does it work well.

It’s a combo we’ve heard before, most recently on Tom Misch’s ‘Day 1: Ephemeral’ track with Carmody off his ‘5 Day Mischon’.

Lucky for us, this sounds like it’s just the beginning. In Klausen’s own words, “First song in a long line of music to come out <3 Solo, and featuring great musicians I know!” If he keeps up vibes like this, then we’re in for a treat.

This is a producer who has really only just started out sharing full tunes, so we’re pretty excited. One thing’s for sure though, this guy has talent. Just take a listen through some of the clips on his Instagram and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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