Track of the Week: Castelluzzo – ‘Ew So Smooth’

The clue is in the name. This week we’re bringing you something seriously smooth. We’ve been keeping tabs on Castelluzzo for a while now and this week he dropped a track we couldn’t ignore.

‘Ew So Smooth’ is a short jazz jam that encapsulates everything that’s great about his DIY approach to production. Slowing the backing beat right down to an off-beat bass drum and snare, Castelluzzo lets the guitar do the talking. With licks that sink you through the floor, this couldn’t be smoother.

Castelluzzo is a 22 year old Los Angeles-based producer and guitarist. He’s made his name mostly via the internet, particularly through his Instagram account. Just take one look at this Dilla-style jam session and you’ll see why. Even his first ever YouTube video showcases some impressive talent, so it’s no wonder he’s taken off.

A lot of Castelluzzo’s work so far consists of short clips, often less than a minute long. They’re usually accompanied by modest off-hand comments like “made this tonight”. That said, his Soundcloud has a handful of originals to work your way through, with his track ‘Night Time Blues’ racking up some serious plays.

It’s not often that you truly get the feeling someone is just getting started, but we can’t deny it here. On an early release, we got a taste of what his production sounds like with a vocalist, we’re looking forward to more.

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