Track of the Week: Pho – ‘Sour Town’

This week we bring you some brand new funk music from the other side of the pond. PHO are a Minneapolis-based funk band whose new album ‘Two’ is where we’ve nabbed our track of the week.

Opening up the album, ‘Sour Town’ serves as an exciting illustration of what you can expect from this group. The heavy funk bassline, tight brass section and guitar licks reminiscent of Gambino’s ‘Awaken, My Love’ all indicate these guys are the real deal. Their sound is an innovative blend of psychedelia and hip-hop with more traditional brassy funk.

Pho started to make waves after their debut release ‘CASH IT’ back in 2015 and have had an unusual rise to fame. Having caught the eye of none other than Prince himself, it caused him to send out this tweet after their live performance at Paisley park in Chanhassen, MN. After the untimely death ‘The Purple One’, the band say that continuing Minneapolis’ sound legacy is all part of why they continue to produce.

We definitely encourage you to dive into the rest of this brilliant album. Sadly, we can’t confess to know much about Minnesota, so we’ll let them set the scene (it actually looks pretty cool): “Recorded in Cannon Falls, Minnesota at the legendary Pachyderm Studio (‘Nirvana-In-Utero’), there was no shortage of vintage vibe amidst a playground of old ‘70s synths and classic guitars, all articulated in the expansive array of musical colours ever-present throughout the mix.” But if that wasn’t enough, a handful of the thirteen tracks include percussion work from Prince’s own man Kirk Johnson.

We’d love to see the PHO live, but it looks like it may be a while before that happens given their American roots. Looks like the closest we’ll get for the time being is a live recording of a full show back in 2015. But don’t worry, we’ll keep London posted when these guys eventually make the trip over.

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