Catching Flies – ‘New Gods’ (ft. Jay Prince & Oscar Jerome)

London-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Catching Flies joins forces with Jay Prince and Oscar Jerome in new single ‘New Gods’.

Sweeping electronic textures combine with a steady beat and bright flecks of jazz guitar to create arguably Catching Flies freshest material to date. The fusion of Prince’s infectious rap flow and Oscar Jerome’s unmistakable jazz guitar over a backdrop of distorted synth waves is an unexpectedly well balanced marriage of sounds that feels well ahead of its time.

In Catching Flies own words “The track represents a breakthrough moment in the sense that I felt super inspired again after a long period of feeling frustrated with my own process. Collaboration felt like a good way to fix this.”

The release is taken from Catching Flies forthcoming project, which is set to drop late 2018, early 2019.

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