S A F F R O N – ‘In Love Again’

London based multi instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Saffron eases her way to our Track Of The Week spot with her irresistibly smooth Neo Soul jam ‘In Love Again’.

At just 19 years old, you may find the fact that Saffron already plays guitar, keys, and sax incredibly inspiring or incredibly depressing, either way it’s a testament to the promising artist who has clearly been working hard honing her craft.

The jam itself contains everything we go digging for on a daily basis, with warm Neo Soul chords and a swinging Hip Hop beat providing the backdrop for Saffron’s playful vocals to melt over like butter. Our only grumble is that we wish it went on for longer.

If you’re a fan of this be sure to check her out her previous single ‘Infatuated’, and the rest of her Youtube channel for more soulful jams.

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